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While most of our efforts and computing power are dedicated to finding high-growth stocks that match the Timber.Gold RITM model, we also have a division that focuses on private equity, pre-IPO, and late-stage deals.

We started this division because our subscribers were increasingly interested in getting news, insights, and recommendations related to special situations in the private equity sector, especially pre-IPO opportunities.
The primary attraction of pre-IPO and late-stage investments is their potential for exceptional returns.


To identify the best opportunities, we thoroughly analyze numerous factors, data points, and conduct manual vetting across various brokerages and investment managers offering deals in the pre-IPO, late-stage, and IPO space.

We take this task very seriously and delve deep into researching not only the deals themselves but also the reliability and accessibility of the brokerages and trading platforms that facilitate these opportunities.

Here's what we provide:


  • - Comprehensive insights into pre-IPOs and late-stage deals that have undergone rigorous research and vetting.
  • - Recommendations for the top, safest, and most reputable brokerages that offer these deals.

Recommendation Portfolio Snapshot


Built by the Porsche-Piëch Family, Piëch Automotive is The Rising Start in the Electric Supercar Segment.

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Invest into the future of electric supercars alongside Peter Thiel, UBS and Tony Piëch


PIËCH Automotive: A Rising Star in the Electric Supercar Space

PIËCH Automotive is rapidly emerging as a prominent player in the electric supercar industry. PIËCH is capturing attention, through its remarkable legacy rooted in the Porsche dynasty, and the notable innovations driving the company's success.

The Rise of PIËCH Automotive.

In recent years, PIËCH Automotive has made significant strides in the electric supercar market. The company's commitment to innovation and sustainability sets it apart from competitors. PIËCH is on a mission to redefine the future of electric mobility.


The Legacy of PIËCH Automotive - Porsche Dynasty.

PIËCH's pedigree is rooted in the illustrious Porsche dynasty. Ferdinand Porsche, one of the most influential figures in automotive history, founded Porsche.

Ferdinand's grandson, Anton 'Toni' Piëch, is at the helm of PIËCH Automotive, carrying forward the family's automotive legacy.


The Porsche Legacy

- PIËCH Automotive is not just any newcomer to the automotive scene; it has deep roots in one of the most illustrious automotive families, the Porsches.
- Ferdinand Porsche, the founder of Porsche, was a pioneer in the automotive world, known for his engineering brilliance and groundbreaking designs.
- Members of the Porsche family have played pivotal roles in shaping the history of automobiles, including the creation of iconic Porsche sports cars.


Ferdinand Piëch's Contribution

- Ferdinand Piëch, the co-founder of PIËCH Automotive, comes from this prestigious lineage.
- He served as the Chairman and CEO of Volkswagen Group, overseeing brands like Audi, Porsche, and Bugatti during his tenure.
- Piëch's visionary leadership and engineering acumen left an indelible mark on the automotive industry, emphasizing the pursuit of excellence and performance.



Building on the Legacy of a Legend

- PIËCH Automotive, founded by Anton Piëch, Ferdinand Piëch's son, carries forward this legacy.
- The company embodies the spirit of innovation, performance, and quality that has been synonymous with the Porsche family for generations.
- It leverages this heritage to create electric supercars that not only push the boundaries of technology but also pay homage to the family's storied history.


Innovations in PIËCH Cars

Cutting-Edge Electric Powertrains.
- One of PIËCH Automotive's standout features is its cutting-edge electric powertrain technology.
- The company has developed advanced battery systems and electric drivetrains that offer exceptional performance, range, and efficiency.
- PIËCH cars provide a thrilling driving experience while contributing to a sustainable future.


Fast Charging Capabilities.
- PIËCH prioritizes convenience and efficiency with its fast-charging solutions.
- Their electric supercars are equipped with state-of-the-art charging infrastructure, reducing charging times significantly.
- This innovation addresses one of the key concerns of electric vehicle adoption – range anxiety.


Revolutionary Design.
- PIËCH cars are not just technologically advanced; they are also visually striking.
- The company's commitment to aesthetics and aerodynamics results in cars that are both beautiful and functional.
- Innovative design elements enhance performance and efficiency.


Digital Connectivity and Autonomy.
- PIËCH is at the forefront of incorporating digital connectivity and autonomous driving features into its vehicles.
- These innovations enhance safety, convenience, and the overall driving experience.
- PIËCH Automotive is poised to lead in the era of smart, connected electric vehicles.


Environmental Consciousness.
- PIËCH's commitment to sustainability goes beyond electric powertrains.
- The company uses eco-friendly materials and manufacturing processes to reduce its environmental impact.
- PIËCH cars represent a holistic approach to green mobility.


In conclusion, PIËCH Automotive's pedigree from the Porsche dynasty infuses it with a heritage of excellence and innovation. The company's electric supercars, marked by cutting-edge technology, fast charging, revolutionary design, digital connectivity, and a strong commitment to sustainability, are setting new standards in the automotive industry. As it builds on its legacy and continues to innovate, PIËCH Automotive is undoubtedly a rising star in the electric supercar space, poised to shape the future of mobility.



PIËCH Automotive has garnered significant attention and investment interest from some notable individuals and entities. These famous investors have recognized the company's potential and are contributing to its growth and development. Here are a few of the renowned investors associated with PIËCH:

Peter Thiel.

Peter Thiel, a prominent entrepreneur and venture capitalist, is one of the most notable investors in PIËCH Automotive. Thiel co-founded PayPal and was an early investor in Facebook, and he has a track record of identifying and supporting innovative companies.

His investment in PIËCH is a testament to his belief in the company's vision and the potential of its electric supercars.


Porsche Family.

Given PIËCH Automotive's deep roots in the Porsche dynasty, it's no surprise that members of the Porsche family have also shown interest in the company.

The Porsche family's involvement not only brings financial support but also reinforces the legacy and heritage that PIËCH draws upon.


These investors likely see the company as a promising player in the electric supercar market, with the potential for substantial returns on their investments.

The presence of such famous investors underscores PIËCH's credibility and potential in the automotive industry. Their investments not only provide financial resources for the company's growth but also lend a stamp of approval to PIËCH's vision, innovation, and commitment to shaping the future of electric mobility. This support from renowned individuals and entities contributes to PIËCH Automotive's status as a rising star in the electric supercar space.


Reddit IPO

The site is currently the 19th most visited on the internet. And shows no signs of slowing down. In October 2020, Reddit said to have 52 million daily active users – a 44% year-over-year growth.

Morgan Stanley and Goldman Sachs will work with the company for the Reddit stock offering.


70% of the World uses Arm’s technology in one way or another, and now they are listing on the Nasdaq this September at a valuation of at least $60 Billion!

Arm Ltd has confirmed a listing on the Nasdaq in the second week of September, to take part register your interest and receive the IPO Prospectus and full financial information.


The Evolution of Internet: ChatGPT by OpenAI.
Timber.Gold's Partners have indirect access to the company. Investors will have partnership units in a fund that has access to OpenAI.

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