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C o r e S t r a t e g y

Timber.Gold focuses its research on identifying high growth stocks with potential to generate double-digit (and higher) gains within a 30 to 180-day timeframe.

This is achieved by zooming in on companies on the verge of acquiring other companies or being acquired themselves. These companies typically experience rapid growth before and after such events.

E n t r y and E x i t

Once we have a pool of companies that fit the core criteria, we utilize our Advanced AI Cluster Screeners (AACS) to pinpoint optimal entry and exit points. The strategy aims to capture initial price surges while minimizing exposure to potential sell-offs or stock value drops due to news.

When suitable and depending on market conditions, we provide guidance to subscribers regarding re-entry and re-exit points based on ALPHA's AACS.


We've named these trades 'RITM' trades - Rapid Intermittent Trend Maximalization.

Through our weekly reports, we share the companies that align with the RITM model and the best times to buy and sell, all within a short timeframe of 30 to 180 days. Our expertise lies in identifying and evaluating companies that match this model.

Here are some examples:

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Our Largest RITM Trades

These are stocks we've successfully identified and notified our subscribers about before significant price movements. Our members were able to enhance their returns by applying the RITM model, reducing their risk exposure, and maximizing their base returns.

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