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Whether you're new to investing or a pro, the most important factor for your success is INFORMATION.

The better the information, the better the outcome, the higher and safer the profits.


Our approach to researching and finding stocks isn't just about making profits, it's about managing risk intelligently.

A perfect example involves stocks that Timber.Gold identifies as either about to acquire another company or about to be acquired themselves, which can lead to significant short-term price growth.

We specialize in recognizing these stocks, and our Advanced AI Cluster Screeners (AACS) inform our subscribers about the best times to buy and sell these stocks for maximum safety and profit.
Timber.Gold calls this trades RITM - see more examples of RITM's we correctly identified on our RITM page.


Get Information Directly in Your Inbox on Stocks with Massive Upside on short to medium term, and Make Your Own Informed Decisions Confidently.

Why are the Timber Gold Research Reports
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Since 2004 Timber Gold has distinguished itself for its unparalleled precision and insights into the stock, forex, and commodities markets. We focus purely on stocks and commodities that present potential to return double (or higher) digit returns within the short to medium term.

This trend capitalization model by which we train our AI-Screeners, permits investors to limit their risk by not being forced to stay in the market for a long time, and maximizes gains by capitalizing on underlying growth.

Tired of hearing about stocks that already made investors a lot of money?

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Timber has privileged access to real-time data from over two thousand institutional trading pools – this data is filtered through a proprietary pattern recognition AI and the result is a clear picture of what is about to happen – for example a major price moves in a specific commodity market.

In addition to market forecasting, Timber.Gold generates trading (short-term) and investing (long-term) strategies, tailored to three categories of investors and traders.

Our strategies serve both small and large investors (retail) as well as institutional investors.

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Portfolio Activity Monitor

Our pattern recognition AI discovers critical as well as non obvious news that affects your investments, before rest of the market realises its impact.

Risk Monitor

Timber.Gold qualitative analytics discover surface hidden exposures to sanctions, lawsuits, conflict, malpractice and other risks to hedge before capital or reputational loss.

Proprietary Sources

Over 1M+ sources of information, including local and industry specific sources and collaborations with over 100 experts from various fields.

I'm a value investor and I need neutral fundamental analysis. gives me this and much more. I've started using it back when they launched the Beta version in January '22 and since then it quickly become the main source of guidance I use. I honestly believe its like nothing else available right now.

Maxwell W.  Senior Analyst with Active Venture

My goal was to start futures trading. I knew the basics, but I realized early on that I knew little to nothing when it came to macro trends and where is the "smart money" flowing. The Reports from Timber Gold give me clear cut strategies that I use on "as is" basis. I recommend it!

Alain H. Staheli Equity
Analyst @ Acton Capital

Unmatched Advantage. Find Out First. Be First.

Gain a incalculable advantage with Timber.Gold - the only Report that enables you to discover meaninful insight, before everybody else.

Timber.Gold has an edge that NO other competitor has - that is our privileged access to real-time buy/sell and volume data from over 2000 institutional private trading pools, combined with a 6 Petabyte Cluster of pattern-recognition algorithms that see what  is shaping up in the market.


Our focus remains on finding profitable alternatives to mainstream allocation models and we always turn our attention to hybrid asset allocation models that have an absolute probability of alpha.’s mission is to generate clear cut strategies and models, that help gold investors of all classes, and at any level of experience, make better, smarter and SAFER investment choices.

The Year of Hard Assets - Commodities and Metals.

The commodities sector is looking at "superior total returns" in 2023 and is expected to outperform other asset classes, analysts at Goldman Sachs said in a note.

"You cannot come up with a more bullish concoction for commodities,". "Lack of supply is apparent in every single market you look at, whether it is inventories at critical operating levels or production capacity exhausted." Goldman pointed out similarities between the 2007-2008 commodities rally and today. One exception is the European natural gas due to sufficient inventories for now."

Jeff Currie, head of commodities research @ GoldmanSachs